You are either already in or entering the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP). You rely on Excel spreadsheets to help you manage Quality Measures—in an incredibly complex environment. 

Perhaps you supplement it with other Microsoft Office tools and SharePoint.

And, it’s difficult. Only one person can update anything at a time. Metrics for a given patient, updated in one place, must then be checked and updated across many applications. Making sure it all works quickly and accurately is one of the biggest challenge.

Considering how long you’ve been managing Quality Measures this way, how long do you think you’d need to achieve substantial, measurable improvement? 9 months? A year? Three?

How about twenty-one days, a mere three weeks!

Three weeks.

That’s how long it took Scottsdale Health Partners (SHP) to achieve substantial, measurable improvement in their Quality Measures after launching their new MSSP Management application.

On January 18th, 2016, 79 users from 43 participating practices, as well as three SHP ACO administrators were given access to the Orion Health MSSP Management application.

Just three weeks later, SHP Chief Operating Officer Faron Thompson reported these positive results, representing a dramatic improvement in the quality measures of ranked patients:

  • 50% of SHP ranked patients marked complete by the first week.
  • 60% of SHP ranked patients marked complete by the second week.
  • 76% of SHP ranked patients marked complete by the third week.

Feedback from participating practices mirrored the positive results, demonstrating how smoothly SHP adoption progressed:

“The new tool is great! So much easier than entering data in the excel spreadsheet.”
- Family Practice

“Now more than one user can be working inside the tool which will cut the time it takes us to finish in half.”
- HonorHealth Medical Group

“This is 100% better!”  
- Family Practice

Working with an innovative partner like SHP helps Orion Health deliver solutions that are relevant to the problems faced daily by ACOs and their participating providers.

We are extremely excited to be working with SHP to add care management and coordination apps to complement the ACO management solution SHP deployed in January.

SHP knows you don’t have to be tied down by complex spreadsheets.

Watch this quick video to discover how Orion Health MSSP Management works.