Trying to find the right IT solutions for your organization can be a daunting task. Not only must the continuous sustainability of the solution be taken into account, but this task becomes increasingly complex as one deals with the ongoing changes and complexities with external IT systems, care units and bureaucracies.

A study by McKinsey Oxford unveiled that most large IT projects deliver 56 per cent less value than predicted, making it essential that the proper IT solution and project plans be expanded beyond implementation and address continuous improvement and support of business operations on an ongoing basis.

This is where continuing collaboration between health IT vendors and their clients becomes vital to delivering and sustaining the quality of healthcare people are now demanding. Taking a solutions-as-a-service approach to health IT means that vendors are actively invested in their clients' business, working together on designing sustainable health IT. This method can enhance your organization's bottom line while maximizing value.

In itself, health IT software does not deliver value; it's the broader solutions built collaboratively with your vendor that enables positive clinical and financial outcomes. It is a good rule of thumb for any service provider to avoid viewing the service as simply transactional, but rather to regard it as a continuous partnership. A vendor needs to be fully invested, understanding their clients' priorities and helping to predict and articulate those needs. From this perspective, a vendor becomes responsible for the short and long-term sustainability as well as the actual performance of the solutions provided.

The fact is that health IT is just one part of a bigger picture – there are multiple levels and layers connected to business, clinical and financial concerns that your vendor needs to consider. An effective vendor will take a client value-driven approach to both the implementation and the long-term performance of the client's business.

They will act not just as an IT partner, but perform as a business partner and remain keyed into the day-to-day processes in order to understand how the various aspects of an organization's healthcare provision will affect health IT needs. Any health IT strategy developed devoid of this holistic perspective will, ultimately, fall short of expectations.

Our solutions-as-a-service model has helped Orion Health earn the highest vendor rating by Chilmark's 2014/15 Clinician Network Management Market Trends Report.

In the end, the IT vendor you choose will play a vital role in your organization's success, delivering reliable results as technology and patient needs continue to evolve.