Face Time is a series of short videos that highlight some of our key leaders and their insights on the variety of opportunities they see in their roles at a cutting-edge healthcare tech company.

Through these interviews with internal communications specialist Sanaya Master, we showcase each employee and out Open, Trusted and Courageous values at Orion Health.

This week on Face Time, we have Matthew Bartlett, VP Talent, Succession and Engagement. Matthew Bartlett is a passionate recruiter and career developer with an exciting vision for employment branding and how we can market Orion Health to potential future employees.

In this interview with Face Time host Sanaya Master, Matt talks about his career so far, what he loves most about hiscurrent role, and the Guinness World Record he currently holds!

This week on Face Time, we have Linda Smith, Global Education Director at Orion Health. Linda has been with Orion Health for six and a half years is responsible for creating the Education team that now plays a vital role within the organisation.
In this interview with Face Time host Sanaya Master, Linda talks about what her team is responsible for, her career path, and her olive grove!

This week on Face Time we have Mark Capill, one of Orion Health's longest standing members, Mark is the R&D Commercial Director and part of the R&D leadership team.
In this interview, Mark talks to Face Time host Sanaya Master about his role, how things were back in the early days of Orion Health, and the R&D roadmap.

This week on Face Time we have Sarah Thompson, VP of Clinical Products at Orion Health. Sarah is part of our Executive Leadership Team and is one of Orion Health's key product leaders.
In this interview, Sarah talks to Face Time host Sanaya Master about her assessment of Health IT today, the kind of difference Orion Health can make in the world of healthcare and how she became a snowboard instructor!

This week on Face Time we have Johan Vendrig, Chief Information Officer at Orion Health. Johan has over 20 years experience in Information Systems management and has spent the majority of his career in the Health IT space. In this interview, Johan talks to Face Time host Sanaya Master about his role, what he enjoys most about working at Orion Health and what is he is passionate about outside of work.

This week on Face Time we have Fiora Au, Product Director of APIs at Orion Health. Fiora has been Orion Health for approximately a year and is predominantly responsible for the strategy and delivery of APIs and Ecosystem. In this interview, Fiora talks to Face Time host, Sanaya Master about the API strategy, how healthcare compares to other industries in terms of our approach to APIs and her 30-acre animal farm.

This week on Face Time we have Darren Jones, Executive Vice President of APAC and acting Line of Business Owner for Enterprise at Orion Health. Darren is also a member of the Executive Leadership team.

In this interview Darren talks to Face Time host, Sanaya Master, about his top priorities, how things have changed in the health IT space over the past three decades and what according to him is a mark of a good leader.

This week on Face Time we have Marnie Wilking, Chief Information Security Officer at Orion Health. Marnie has over fifteen years of technical and managerial experience in Information Security and Financial Services.

In this interview, Marnie discusses her role, why she made the switch to Health IT, and the initiatives she is involved with to encourage women into Security.

We are fortunate to have some of the most smart, talented, friendly, awesome individuals working at Orion Health. `Face Time’  gives viewers an opportunity to get to know our featured guests on a more personal level. Here is a glimpse of some of the best moments from Face Time 2016… sit back and enjoy!

Andrew Van Dort is the Sales Director of Southeast Asia here at Orion Health. Andrew has been with us for over three years and brings with him extensive sales experience having worked as a Solution Sales Executive at Microsoft for five years.

In this interview, Andrew talks to Face Time host Sanaya Master about his current responsibilities, the unique aspects of the healthcare system in Southeast Asia and his fascinating work history.

Simon Clark is the Director of Program Management at Orion Health. Simon has over 15 years of experience in software delivery and consulting and is also a member of our R&D leadership team.

Kate Reid is the General Manager of New Zealand at Orion Health. She is a qualified Dietician, an expert in the delivery of Wellness and Disease Management Programs and a Director on a number of boards including New Zealand Health Information Technology, First Layer Health and Precision Driven Health. In this interview, Kate talks to Face Time host Sanaya Master about her current role, her journey to Orion Health and what she would rather get mapped – genome or microbiome.

Dhaya Sivakumar joined Orion Health in February 2016 as the Executive Vice President of our Integration product. He is also part of Orion Health’s Executive Leadership Team. He has previously worked as a CIO for Paymark and 2degrees Mobile. In this interview, Dhaya talks to Face Time host Sanaya Master about his top priorities, Orion Health’s API strategy and what he enjoys doing in his spare time.

Greg Balla leads the team responsible for supporting Orion Health's global leaders to attract and engage great talent. His team also leads major change initiatives which support the company’s growth. In this interview, Greg talks to Face Time host Sanaya Master about his role, how he manages his time and what we need to do as a company to be better business partners.

Richard Fraser is Vice President of Orion Health’s Engage Solution and a member of the Executive Leadership Team. Since starting with Orion Health two years ago, Richard has transformed the group from a portal product to designing consumer and clinical engagement solutions. Richard has 20 years of international commercial experience in telco, content, digital media and consumer technology. In this insightful interview, Richard discusses the Engage Solution, the role empathy plays in health technology and the business lesson of participating in the World Triathlon Championship.